Many employees are having issues with the processing of security fund. This article has compiled the useful tips that would help the government contractors and federal employees when they are processing their security clearances. As a clearance applicant, you can refer to these points even when the formula applied does not seem to hold any water.

Being honest

This is a basic and essential tip. You should be truthful when giving any information as requested and when filing the different forms. This will also make it easier for the attorney when he or she is mitigating security clearance concerns. You can be charged in court for giving misleading or false information in your initial application.honesty

Addressing the social security issues in advance

If you are aware of any issue that can affect your social security clearance, then you should plan how you will respond to any questions about that issue. You can also obtain the required documentation regarding that issue in advance. This is the best method of mitigating the security concerns early. It is therefore advisable to address your issues early and avoid the last minute rash.

Completing your application form properly

All the sections of the application form should read carefully and the questions answered appropriately. Many people have had their applications being denied because of giving the wrong answers. For instance, you might answer “no” when it is supposed to be “yes.” By so doing, the investigator will assume that you are attempting to hide something or information from them. Completing the application form carefully pays.

Preparing for a clearance interview

The investigator will use this time to ask questions on those issues that are not clear in your application form. This interview can take about half or one hour depending on the existing security concerns. Practising and preparing for the interview will help you in ironing out those areas that could be having problems in advance. Again, this will increase the confidence level of the applicant when he or she comes face-to-face with the investigator.interview

Getting legal advice early

Getting a legal advice early will help you in resolving clearance problem issues. This should be done immediately when you notice a problem area. You should avoid waiting until the last minute. This will also cost you less than rectifying a problem late. Most of the security clearance issues which can be resolved early might require a lot of efforts in reversing the process later.