How to Determine the Owner of Copyright

Copyright is helpful in granting and safeguarding the rights of the owner. It is meant to protect the original work of the producer. This article is going to help you in knowing more about copyright and the rights associated with it. This article is going to discuss the tips for identifying the copyright’s owner and determining who has the rights.

The creator owns it

Ideally, the author or creator of copyright is the real owner. All the authors who have contributed to its creation are considered co-authors. These authors are supposed to agree in writing and determine the share of income that they will be getting from that copyright. However, there are some rare instances you will come across an author who is not the real owner of the copyright. Such authors are not entitled to the rights provided by such work. These situations are described in the points discussed here below.copyright ownership

Commissioned works

For commissioned work, the copyright belongs to the person who commissioned it instead of the person who created it. For instance, the photographer commissioned to take photos in a wedding can be given the rights to those photographs. If this happens, the couple will not have the right of reproducing their photos. The couple will only have the right to make copies if the commissioned person is not given the rights to the photos.

Course of employment

These are works created under contract. Any copyright made when performing a contract with a company belongs to the contracted person. For instance, copies made for advertisement purpose will be owned by the advertisement firm. However, the employee can own it if was created as being part of the employee’s terms (contract of service).

Checking the contract

Most of the creative works involve contracts. You should always make an effort of reviewing the fine prints. This will help you in knowing the person who retains the copyright. By so doing, you will get to know who retains the rights of reproducing the work.contract

Transferring of copyrights

They can be transferred easily from one party to another. The transfer process is done through a contract. For instance, a musician can you can transfer the rights of a particular song to someone else. Most of them do this to get returns on the revenue earned for the copies sold. It is a form of marketing strategy.


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