Understanding the Rights Victims of Crime Have

Victims of crime have a wide range of rights that are protected by the federal and state law. The federal government and states have passed various laws that create laws to protect the victims of crimes. The law requires that victims have information, limited role, and protections when it comes to the criminal justice process. You can learn more at www.crimevictim.attorney. The following are some rights victims have:

Right to a Criminal Complaint

As you know, crime victims cannot charge individuals with the crimes because only the government can bring criminal charges. The crime victims ought to notify the government that certain crimes have been committed and then request that criminal charges are made. You need to report a crime by calling police. However, if the police may consider you as a suspect, you need to consult your lawyer.

Right to Protection

Crime victims ought to be reasonably protected from further harm of the accused. This includes protective orders, even police protection, and anonymity.

Right to Be Informed

The crime victims have rights to know about the progress of their cases. They ought to know when the suspect has been arrested. The victims have right to be notified about the status of defendant, including the prison’s release, escape, and transfer. Even though the state laws vary, the states that require victims receive notice the events.

Right to Participate in Criminal Process

As a crime victim, you have a right to participate in various stages of prosecution as long as your participation does not infringe upon constitutional rights. For instance, you need to be notified of the proceedings during trial and testify when required. You also have a right to be consulted before the case is dismissed or before entering an agreement with the defendant.

Right to be Treated Fairly

Various states appreciate the right to be treated with compassion, respect, and fairness throughout judicial process. Moreover, the victim has a right to be protected from the accused person.

Right to Restitution

Ideally, a crime victim ought to have a right to restitution from the persons who caused him or her harm. This means that the convicted criminal ought to repay the victim for the damages caused. Usually, the court can determine control and restitution case by case. The court requires the offender to pay a given amount of restitution either through a lump sum or installment payments.…

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